DSTV Installers Johannesburg Testimonials

What People Have To Say About DSTV Installers Johannesburg.

Mr H. Manosha

DSTV Installers Johannesburg was very helpful with every aspect of the DSTV service I ordered. They provided me with all the information I needed before I made any payments. They handled everything from start to finish and helped me with ensuring that my DSTV subscription is paid for and activated. They installed everything within a few hours. Thank you

Ms C. Phillipones

We were so tired of watching SABC 1,2,3 and eTV, my wife and children were on my case about getting DSTV installed in the house and they wanted it also in their own rooms. I looked online at all the DSTV options and I didn’t know where to start. I found DSTV Installers Johannesburg and I called them with questions and they were very happy to answer me. They provided me with a quote and as soon as I accepted and made payments they handled everything on my behalf and made the entire process so easy. Thank you very much for the assistance and the wonderful service guys!

Mr Q. Haggons

I had been ripped off by a fly-by-night company and I could not track them down because they had moved as soon as they got the money they wanted. I learnt my lesson and started to do my research which also included searching for DSTV certified companies and this is how I found DSTV Installers Johannesburg, and they helped me setup my DSTV within a day and I am so happy I found you guys because you have been so helpful and friendly. Thank you!

Mrs D. Thapelo

I called DSTV Installers Johannesburg with the aim of getting my DSTV installed as soon as possible. I had already bought the decoder and satellite dish. They simply installed and ensured everything was working all within the same day, what an awesome service!

Mr V. Van Heerdan

I did not hesitate to call DSTV Installers Johannesburg because my friend referred me to the company and she used without any problems and I did not have a problem with you guys, thanks for the great service.