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New Sculpt Extreme 5in1 is a natural weight loss pill that works in 5 stages for optimal weight loss.


5 Stage Formula Works by:

■ Energy More active

■ Metaboliser; Metabolisation of carbohydrates.

■ Toner Slims and tightens up

■ Detox

■ Focus Improved mental clarity 

Sculpt Extreme 5 in 1 Benefits:

■ Metabolise carbohydrates

■ Reduce cravings

■ Jump-start your metabolism

■ Curb appetite

■ Improve circulation

■ Improve mental focus

■ Reduce cravings


Sculpt Extreme Ingredients

■ Bioperine Triphala extract

■ Vitamin B12, Bioperine Triphala extract

■ Stellaria Media

■ Morinda

■ Ginko Biloba

■ Picolinate Daytohimbin

■ Lipoic Acid Chromium

■ Citrifolia

■ Guggulipid Sterone extract Alpha

Sculpt Extreme Dosage

One capsule preferably in the morning. Avoid taking in the evening as it may cause sleeplessness.

Sculpt Extreme Side Effects

■ Headache

■ Gastrointestinal cramps

■ Dry Mouth

Symptoms are reduced after 3 days of using sculpt extreme.

Do not use Sculpt Extreme 5in1 if:

■ You are on Chronic Medication

■ Children under 18

■ Your are pregnant

■ You have plant allergies

■ Pre existing medical conditions

■ Breastfeeding

If you have any pre existing medical conditions it is up to you to let us know and ask for guidance. It is not our responsibility to know your medical conditions, however it is our responsibility to show you the above Sculpt Extreme side effects.

Sculpt Extreme 5in1 Warnings

■ Recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

■ Product has not been screened by any medicines control board.

■ Sculpt is not intended to treat, cure any disease.

■ Should not be combined with other weight loss products.

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