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Melanotan II Vials Double Pack

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Melanotan 2 enables frustrated Women with fair skin who get blistering painful sunburns, to become that confident lady with a beautiful painless full body natural tan!

Buy 2 and save R100 with this double pack of Melanotan II 10mg Vials

Melanotan 2 is easily used and have many great effects, it is mainly used to gain a natural even tan. Melanotan II has other effects on the body, it helps your body burn fat and increases your libido.

Included in this product is 2 x 10mg vial and 2ml sterile water. You will need to purchase syringes separately.

Melanotan 2 Reviews

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Side Effects:

You may experience mild nausea and should be unnoticeable. Darkening of the moles and freckles will become apparent. If you experience high levels of nausea or headache, cut your dosage by half immediately. Do not use if pregnant!

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