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What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Last updated: January 30th 2017 - Everybody is talking about the latest, and most effective fat burner on the market today that burns fat without dieting or exercising. Millions of people across the world are using Garcinia Cambogia to burn off unwanted kilograms fast and efficiently!


Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

■ Garcinia increases your metabolism and helps you to overcome stubborn weight gain.

■ The product helps you to drastically reduces your over active appetite and helps you to stay away from over eating.

■ Also increases your bodies ability to produce serotonin which is your bodies natural happy drug. This helps you to avoid emotional eating.

■ You can still enjoy cheat meals every now and then. Garcinia Cambogia helps your body to more effectively flush out cheat meals.

Extra Benefits:

The product not only practically destroys cravings and burns away fat, it also:

■ Is great at lowering your cholesterol levels.

■ It gives you the energy to increase endurance in the gym.

■ Garcinia also works to strengthen your immune system.

■ By increasing your body's seratonin levels it increases your mood.


The Discovery of Garcinia Cambogia

A pumpkin shaped fruit plant from Southeast Asia, Garcinia Cambogia may be the most revolutionary fat burning ingredient discovered to date. New research has found that this strange fruit may be the miracle pill that lets you lose weight without going on a strict diet or training program.

Garcinia Cambogia is actually a fruit that has been eaten for centuries in Southeast Asia and India. The important weight loss ingredient is hydroxicitric acid or HCA which is found in the rine of the fruit. Studies suggest that supplements support weight loss by helping you feel full more quickly after eating and causing your body to block the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates to fat. It essentially turns them into an energy source which you can use. Studies show patients may also gain more lean body mass, especially if they exercise and eat right. It also seems to increase levels of serotonin in the brain, which improves mood and can prevent over eating due to emotional stress.

Summarized Facts:

■ The fruit has been used for medical purposes long before its weight loss properties was discovered.

■ Garcinia Cambogia is tiny and looks like a pumpkin.

■ It is native to Indonesia, can also be found in other countries such as India and Africa.

■ Fruit can be referred to as a tamarind.


Garcinia Cambogia Active Ingredients

The product has 4 main Ingredients:

Hydroxycitric Acid - Main active ingredient responsible for burning existing fat sells and blocking the process that turns sugars and carbs into stored fat.

Potassium - Boosts metabolism and also helps with absorption.

Calcium - This ingredient helps your body reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

A trace mineral called Chromium - Destroys carbohydrate cravings and helps fight against insulin resistance.


How did Garcinia Cambogia get so Popular?

Even though there have been lots of studies on Garcinia Cambogia, there was a recent one by Doctor Pruce that really caused people to realize the full benefits of this product. In his study patients lost 200-300% more weight while taking Garcinia Cambogia compared to just diet and exercise alone.

Then Doctor Oz, on the popular Doctor Oz show, called it a revolutionary fat buster and said it could be the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date.

Garcinia Cambogia can help you by:

■ Drastically Suppressing your Appetite.

■ Stopping your body from storing fat.

■ Increase your bodies ability to burn fat.


Garcinia Cambogia Review

So how did it workout for us here at MelanotanZA? To everyone here that started taking the supplement, we also gave it to friends and family as well, and we have to say that not one of us that thinks it doesn’t work. We all found it works. In fact, we’re still taking it now. We all noticed immediate change in our appetite and the amount of food we felt like eating. The ladies in particular site dropping dress sizes and getting into clothes they haven’t been able to for some time. We’re talking quick results, things that were noticeable after a few days or a week. It might not be as fast for everyone. Some people have reported having to take it for 30 days or so to see a change, but it did happen very quickly for us.

One thing to look out for, as we said, Garcinia Cambogia can actually cause you to gain more lean muscle mass so our part should not be to not necessarily judge yourself or your results based on the scales and what they say because muscle weighs more than fat. Pay more attention to how your clothes are fitting and if you’re feeling a little more tired. Even if the scale is not changing at first, your body should be shifting to a much healthier composition. The products did not work as well as The Secret Fat Burner or Shape Platinum, but it was by far one of the best we have.

Other Reasons why we are Confident About the products Effectiveness:

How Long Does it Take to Get Results from Garcinia Cambogia?

As with most weight loss products, results will always vary from person to person. That being said on average people tend to notice a increase in mood and energy within the first few days. Weight-loss changes are noticed after the first 3 day period.


Suppliers of Garcinia Cambogia you Should Avoid at all costs

There are many fake Garcinia Cambogia producers on the market who claim to sell the "real deal". However it is a sad truth that most of these suppliers are watering down the active ingredient to increase profits.

This being said there are simple guidelines you can stick with to ensure you are getting the right product.

■ Ensure the product has more than 50% Hydroxycitric Acid.

■ The product should not be Potassium Deficient

■ Avoid products that have added artificial ingredients, caffeine, sugars or other binder.

■ Make sure you choose a product that contains 100% organic ingredients.


Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects?

What about side effects? Studies suggest it’s safe and we didn’t experience any side effects either. The only thing we found is that sometimes we felt a bit bloated after eating, but we put that down to the appetite suppression and the mood, but if you do experience anything different or any other side effects, you should definitely speak to your physician because different people can respond to supplements in different ways.

Side effects of Garcinia Cambogia are known to be very mild, if any. Some of the reported side effects of Garcinia Cambogia are:

Anything else to be cautious of?

The typical study so far only lasted a maximum of three months. So there is no data to say if there’s any increased risk beyond that time. Just to be conservative we only recommend you take it for a maximum of three month. By the way, it’s not recommended for people that take medications for existing medications- especially diabetic, cardiac, or cholesterol related, and also women who are pregnant or breast feeding.


Garcinia Cambogia Directions

If you do decide to try Garcinia Cambogia out, you want to make sure you take it on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes before food, and take it three times a day before each meal. We’ve all been taking the full weight loss dose which is 3000mg a day. It’s recommended that you do not exceed that amount in a day. Just for appetite suppression other people stick to 1500mg sometimes as well.

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