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Sunless Tanning

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If you landed on this page, you’re either:

■ Looking for a Easier way to stay Tanned, all year round.
■ Struggling to get a Tan with your fair Skin; or
■ Looking for a Safer method of Tanning, to get away from the anti ageing and damaging effects caused  by Sun Beds, or by Spending Hours in the sun.

    My Fair Skin Ruined my Holiday

    “When I was younger I clearly remember the excitement just before going on holiday. My dad broke the news at the dinner table, I jumped for joy, I couldn’t contain myself. The long drive from Pretoria didn’t put me off one bit. During the drive down I just stared out the window for hooours just waiting to see the ocean break from behind the mountains. Yes, it was my very first trip to the beach, we were headed for Ballito!

    Unbeknownst to me there was something ready to ruin my holiday, I Had Fair Skin! My first day at the beach I didn’t even feel the sun; I was in and out of the water, up and down the sand dunes. It was simply awesome! Going back to the holiday camp that evening the harsh sun showed its effects on my skin. I BURNT as red as a tomato! It hurt so so bad. I tried to ignore it this time by putting twice the amount of sun block on as the day before, but it just hurt too bad. By now the blisters had begun forming. My parents would now force me to sit under the umbrella while the other kids would spend hours playing in the water. My skin type ruined my holiday!




    18 years later and I still have that same issue! I simply can’t tan.


    Every time I try I just burn red then peel. The cycle is endless. Whenever I go on holiday now I can’t enjoy the sun like others do, I can’t even get a tan to look good on a night out. The sun does more damage than good to me. I’ve even tried fake tans to make it look like I have tanned, but they simply look horrible.” - Jenna, Pretoria

    Some people struggle to get a natural tan, their skin just won’t allow it. 

    Having fair skin can be horrible...

    People are often left feeling helpless; they think the only option for them is staying out of the sun. But think of how many hours of fun you are missing out on?! 

    ■ Do you have kids who you want to run around with on the beach?

    ■ Any pool parties you’ve been invited to lately?

    ■ Are your friends spending all day tanning outside by the hotels swimming pool?

    ■ Do you just simply want that gorgeous golden natural tan look on the night out?

    While your answer may be yes to some of these questions, are any of those worth sacrificing your youth?


    There is NOTHING healthy about spending Hours and Hours in the Sun

    While having a Tan may look healthy, did you know there is nothing healthy about spending hours and hours in the sun achieving a tan? Learn more about this on the video below. 

    Spending hours in the sun can have nasty side effects in the future; let me introduce the worst possible way to achieve a tan. Sunbeds! Sunbeds are extremely damaging to your skin.

    Did you know frequent sun bed users can increase their risk of skin cancer up to 70%!!!

    Think about that very carefully. The effects of the sunbed may not show now, it’s only a matter of time before they do.

    “I used to use the sun bed all the time. I didn’t have time to spend hours in the sun, and even if I did there simply wasn’t much sun here in Joburg during the winter.
    Using the tanning bed was my only method of getting a beautiful tan that I needed to look good and enjoy my night out. I was 20 years old when I started using the sun bed, by the time I reached 30 my skin started showing the effects. I always had the best skin in the room, my friends would always compliment me on how young I looked. Slowly the compliments stopped and I started to notice that I was aging much quicker than
     my friends. The difference between my friends and I was simple. I was the only one who used a sun bed weekly. From the girl who had the best skin in the room to the lady that looks 10 years older than she actually is. Oh how I wish I knew then what I knew now.” 
    - Sharon, Fourways

    How many times have we thought that? “Oh I wish I knew then what I know now”

    The truth is that is how we know things, we learn by experience. Whether it be personal from experience or the experience of others. In the end it’s up to us. 




    An obvious solution for a safer tanning method was needed!

    It works by activating the melanin in your skin (your natural protection to the sun).

    Melanotan 2 not only gives you a Natural tan without the need of ever going in the Sun, but it also helps your skin produce more melanin. This has wonderful benefits.

    It strengthens your skins protection against the sun, therefore you won’t burn as easy.

    “I have skin type 1, after using melanotan 2 I spent the day in the sun and for the first time EVER, I didn’t burn, I only got browner!”  - Carla, Whiteriver

    Can you imagine her amazement? Imagine always burning blistering red every time you go into the sun. Then one day you’re able to spend all day in the sun and just go browner.

    “This stuff is amazing, I literally only send like 30min in the sun a week and I am browner than I have ever been. I have always had fair skin” - Natalie, Kuruman

    Think about that, this product allows you to get a natural tan and keep the natural tan without the negative effects of “risk of cancer”,“accelerated ageing” and “damaging of skin”

    How Does Melanotan 2 work?