Contact and Delivery Questions


Do you ship internationally?

"We offer free international shipping via standard post. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for international delivery. MelanotanZA will in no way be held responsible for holds, or return from customs in any way. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations and order accordingly."

How long does delivery take?

"Once payment has been cleared in our account, processing of orders and delivery will take 3-5 working days."

How much does delivery cost?

"Delivery is free with door to door couriers anywhere in South Africa. International delivery is also free with standard post."

 What if I leave on holiday and my parcel doesn’t arrive in time?

"Please make sure you order well in advance of leaving on holiday or travelling. We will not be held liable for delays in shipping. Shipping takes 3 to 5 days after payment has cleared in our account, however delays of a few days are not uncommon."

Online Ordering

 I do not want to share my credit card details online, can I pay via bank transfer instead?

" Absolutely! At checkout, select direct bank transfer as your payment method. An invoice will be emailed to you and attached with banking details at the bottom. "

 Is ordering online safe?

" While people always need to be apprehensive about ordering online, rest assured we use only the safest payment methods. PayFast credit card payment gateway provides the safest method of payment for both the customer and us. The payments are 100% reversal upon non delivery so neither the customer nor the shop have anything to lose.

It is also worth knowing that none of your card details are stored anywhere on our system and your email is kept safe, also, all of the transactions are secured and encrypted to protect you and us! "

 Can I buy MelanotanZA`s products over the counter?

" We do not have any stockists at the moment, for now, MelanotanZA is solely an online store. "

Do you offer refunds & returns

" If for some reason a return is agreed upon, the customer is responsible for the return of the parcel at his/her own expense, and the refund will only be effective once the products have been received in good order (Still new and unopened). "

Questions about Melanotan II

My skin is very fair, will it still work for me?

"Yes, plenty of our customers with fair skin has had good results while using this product. For more information please visit this link: https://melanotanstoreuk.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/will-melanotan-2-work-on-type-1-skin-and-red-heads/ "

How fast will I see results?

" Typically a light tan will appear after a week of use and full tan is reached after about 2 weeks. Please note that different skin types will experience different results. "

Do I need to use a sunbed or go into the sun during use?

" No you do not need to,however going into the sun or using a sunbed does speed up the tanning process. "

How long does one bottle last?

" One bottle is 15ml and contains between 90 and 100 pumps, this is enough to get you through a 2 week loading phase or a 6 week maintenance phase. "

How often should I use Melanotan II?

" The dosage of Melanotan II varies with different skin tones, our dosage is only a general guideline to suite the majority of skin types. Please feel free to increase/decrease dosages depending on the reaction you get while using the product. If your freckles or moles become too dark too quickly, this may be a sign that your dosages are too high, therefore lower dosage and gradually build up to the recommended dosage. "

How do I use use Melanotan II Nasal-Spray?

" Loading Phase:

Day 1: Take two pumps, one in each nostril.
Day 2: Take four pumps, one in each nostril, two times a day.
Day 3: Six pump, one in each nostril, three times a day.

After day three, keep to this dosage for 20 days or until you have achieved your desired tan.

If you notice abnormal coloration around the chin and mouth, you have reached your maximum dosage for your body type, please then move on to the maintenance dosage.

Your body will slowly adapt to the new MT2 levels and an even natural tan will be achieved.

Maintenance Dosage:

Once you have achieved your desired tan, take 6 to 8 pumps, two to three times a week.
You can also take 1 spray in each nostril every morning.

Please store in the fridge (Shelf life lasts for 12 weeks after first use)

Side Effects:
You may experience mild nausea and should be unnoticeable. Darkening of the moles and freckles will become apparent. If you experience high levels of nausea or headache, cut your dosage by half immediately.

The best results will occur between 3 and 4 weeks. "

Can I use it while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

" Definitely NOT "

Will it make me orange or stain your nose?

" We don’t know where this rumor came from, but NO, it will NOT make you orange and it will NOT stain your nose. "

Do I need sun exposure when I use Melanotan II?

" Exposure to sunshine should be limited while using Melanotan II, this is simply because it is not necessary and you could over tan. As a rough guideline your sun exposure should be no longer than 5-10 minutes on a sun bed or 30-40 minutes of normal sun exposure. "

What to do with the sickness feeling during usage?

" The sickness feeling during the use of Melanotan II is because you are introducing a foreign substance into your body, your body takes time to respond to the new peptide. The first reaction caused by your immune system causes you to feel sick . These symptoms subside once your body gets used to the product, some users may not experience any sickness at all. "

Any long term side effects?

" Some of the long term side effects of Melanotan II include the appearance of moles and freckles, this is not usually a problem as they disappear when the course has been stopped, they may also subside after a few weeks once your body gets used to the product and your skin darkens around them. "

Are there any side effects associated with use of Melanotan II?

" Side effects of Melanotan II most commonly include nausea, stomach cramps, decrease appetite and tiredness. Do not take this product if you have a heart condition. Research also shows that freckles and moles can darken while using Melanotan II. Do NOT use if pregnant or breastfeeding. "