The Complete Secret Beauty Kit

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The Complete Secret Beauty Kit Benefits

■ Look younger in 2 minutes, literally! With Instantly Ageless.

■ Fully Suppress Your Appetite and Burn fat with The Secret Fat Burner. Salad tastes like steers on this stuff!

Double Self-Tanning Nasal Spray that gives you a Full Body Natural Tan without the need to damage your skin by using sun beds or spending hours in the sun.

■ Do you struggle to follow a diet? Smash your weight loss goals with the included step-by-step Paleo Diet Ebook.


This Breathtaking Beauty Kit Includes:

1. Jenuesse Instantly Ageless *Worth R1199.

■ Look younger in 2 minutes, literally!


2. Secret Fat Burner *Worth R590.

■ Completely Suppresses your Appetite

3. 2 bottles of Self-Tanning Nasal Spray *Worth R1100.

■ Overall full body Natural Tan


4. The Paleo Blueprint *Worth R299.

■ Lose up to 2kgs a week during the first few weeks * Most of this will be the water retention, carbs causes your body to store water in your fat.
■ Obliterate hunger by eating fat.. *Did you know fat makes you feel more full for longer periods of time.
■ Get Youthful Looking Skin. *Fat is essential in the production of Natural oils in your skin.
■ Clean up Acne in a matter of days. Eating carbs causes Insulin Spikes.


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