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12 Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake

High levels of sugar sabotage your diet and general health. See below how to kick sugar to the curb!

Did you know that vast amounts of people are actually addicted to sugar and do not even know it? Yup, sugar addiction is a real thing. It occurs because there are large quantities of sugar contained in most of the things we eat, some that we are probably not even aware of. Some of us on the other hand merely have massive sugar gremlins living inside of us poking our sweet tooth. However, sugar enters the body as energy and will turn into fat very quickly without enough exercise. This inevitably leads to weight gain.

See below our twelve easy tips for reducing your daily sugar intake:

1. Beware The Sugar Hiding In Your Breakfast!

First off, you should know that doughnuts are not considered a decent healthy breakfast! Still, even your good intentions in eating certain cereals may be sabotaging your efforts to reduce sugar consumption. Most cereals are full of sugar. Yes, even those that say they are honey-coated. Read the labels. You’ll see. Stick to simple whole grain cereals and sweeten them with some fresh fruit.

Some great options are:

  • Bran flakes (great with banana)
  • Corn flakes
  • Weetabix
  • Unsweetened, unflavored oats (perfect with cinnamon and apple)
  • Wholegrain toast with unsweetened peanut or almond butter

2. Slowly Reduce The Sugar In Your Coffee And Tea

If you are one of those coffeeholics that drink numerous hot beverages a day with added sugar, you probably have no idea just how much sugar you are ingesting merely from what you drink. Say you drink three cups of tea or coffee a day with two teaspoons of sugar in each. That is already six teaspoons of sugar excluding what’s in the food you eat! Start by reducing the amount of sugar you add by half a teaspoon. Soon you’ll be able to drink black tea or coffee quite easily.

Besides this, seek alternatives such as:

  • Zero calorie sweeteners
  • Herbal teas that do not require sugar

3. Stay Away From Sodas!

Speaking of things we drink, sodas are literally liquid sugar and should be avoided at all costs. Cut down on your soda intake and allow a small glass of soda once a week if absolutely necessary. Water is the best way to go. You can naturally flavor your water with fruits and mint which makes it really refreshing and satisfying.

Other sugar filled drinks to avoid include:

  • Flavored waters
  • Store-bought fruit juice
  • Store-bought iced tea

4. Know Sugar By Its Many Names

Always read the labels of the food that you buy so that you can understand how much sugar is in them. You will need to understand the different forms of sugar to recognize them.

Here are a few other names and varieties for sugar:

  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Lactose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrose

5. Processed Foods Are High In Sugar

All those easy pasta sauces, salad dressings, pizza bases, ready-made soups and so on may be convenient but they are LOADED with sugar. At home, you control what goes into your food. Wouldn’t you prefer having control over what you eat? Stay away from packaged “convenience.” Fresh and homemade is the way to go.

6. Beware Of “No-Fat” Products

No and low-fat products are often heaped with a whole lot of extra sugar. Always READ THE LABEL.

7. Control The Dessert Monster

You do not have to have dessert every night! Don’t deprive yourself either, but allow yourself a scrumptious dessert once a week. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it more this way.

8. Tame The Raging Sweet Tooth

OK, so maybe you don’t only love your daily desserts but you also crave muffins, cakes and candy bars all day, every day. If this is the case, then you probably suffer from sugar addiction! Slowly start cutting down on the amount of sweet treats that you eat. Going cold turkey is not a long lasting solution. So if you have a cupcake every day, start sharing half with someone. Then have a cupcake every second day, then only twice a week and keep progressing until you only have the occasional cupcake every second week or so. Pretty soon, you won’t even miss it!

9. Quality Over Quantity

Instead of eating four blocks of milk chocolate in one sitting, eat one block of quality dark chocolate, which will leave you feeling far more satisfied. This goes for all sweets. Did you know that you actually get dairy and sugar free chocolate too?!

10. Avoid Sports Drinks And Candy Bars

You may think that because they are associated with sports stars and professional athletes, that they are healthy. In actuality, they are loaded with sugar for increased energy. This is why athletes use them!

11. Two Pieces Of Fruit A Day

Yes, fruit is good for you but it also contains a lot of fructose, which is fruit’s natural sugar. Keep your daily fruit intake at two pieces.

12. Don’t Keep Sugar-Filled Goods At Home

If you don’t buy products that are filled with sugar, you won’t consume them! That means that the sweet jar has to go.

By following the steps above, hopefully you’ll be able to win the fight against your inner sugar monster. Whatever you do, don’t give up, as it can be a long hard road, but the end result is totally worth it! We know that sugar is extremely hard to resist. If you struggle to control your sugar cravings we highly advise getting some appetite suppressants. Our 2 best appetite suppressants are Shape Platinum and The Secret Fat Burner.

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