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Sunless Tanning Benefits, Why women love it.


The majority of women consider owning a deeper and darker skin tone as compared to lighter one as being much more attractive which is why sunless tanning is becoming more and more popular. A lot of women feel more self-confident and better looking with a comfortable glow as tanned skin enhances their confidence thus gives them a better feeling of self worth.

Why Tanned Skin is favored?

A study undertaken recently showed that darker skin is considered more desirable to a person with pale skin. Tanned skin optimizes confidence which is viewed as being generally more appealing.
The contributing factor for getting a tan is the visual affect of the Melanin in our body, a skin pigment which is responsible for giving natural skin tone, hair color and eye color. By increasing the level of Melanin in the human body, skin tends to get darker. If you are planning on getting a tan that endures for  a longer period of time, then choosing products and techniques that would influence the pigment would be much smarter  that using fake self tanning products that often do not produce desirable results.
If you are  thinking of getting a wonderful sun tan, there are various methods available that would make the tanning process easier. The most popular and safest method is by using sunless tanning products

List of Sun Tanning Methods:

Exposure to Sunshine: This the easiest and most common way to get a tan, if you are searching for a cheap and way to gain a tan then exposure to sunlight is the best possible option. However, there are drawbacks to this method, sun burns can severely increase your risk to skin cancer.
Making use of day to day fake self-tan products: There are many different types of sprays, creams and solutions that help provide a darker(usually orange) affect to your common skin tone. If you are willing to spend a lot of money you can buy and use these items. The drawback is the cost of these products a long with users generally struggle to achieve natural results.
Tanning Nasal Spray: These easy to administer nasal sprays are given to target Melanin in the person’s body. The original purpose of these kinds of products, also known as Melanotan was to treat skin cancer. Melanotan was liked by the public due to its natural tanning effects and is now more commonly used as a beauty product. Benefits provide a much safer and natural tan.

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April 19, 2017

Thanks for your comment Elma. No it is not true that it gives you blotches, you’ll get the same tan you’ll normally get from going in the sun. Pharmaceutical companies in SA have not refused it at all, in fact melanotan is so new they haven’t even looked at it. The only reason they don’t allow the sale of melanotan in england is because it has not yet been moderated.

Elma Swanepoel
Elma Swanepoel

April 12, 2017

Please advise if its true that some people het darker blotches over their skin, using this. Also, the qyestion was raised, that if this is so good, why the pharmaceutical companies in SA refuse to register it. I’m very interested in using it, but obviously do not wish to end up with dark patches over my body.


February 14, 2017

Definitely the melanotan 2 nasal spray

Marina Davies
Marina Davies

October 04, 2016

What self tanning method is the most quick and effective way…the nasal spray or pills?


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