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Sunbeds, Reasons to avoid at all costs!

In the modern era, there are many facilities available which allows you to tan much more “efficiently” at a faster pace. These latest tanning methods have replaced old tanning techniques to a great extent. One of the most widely used tanning methods is the use of a Sunbed which is a machine which replicates the sun and is used for tanning. However, the use of a sunbed comes along with a number of problems which could cause harm to humans. Let us shed some light on the disadvantages of using Sunbed.

Skin Cancer

You should keep into consideration that a Sunbed uses Ultra Violet rays in order to tan your body. However, did you know that these UV rays can be extremely harmful to your body? Sunbeds are known to cause skin cancer and are in fact much more damaging to your skin than the sun. The harmful UV rays penetrate into the skin and damage the skin cells, subsequently resulting in skin cancer. Hence, it is important to distance yourself from techniques causing such severe damage. With the use of Melanotan II it is not necessary for you to spend hours in the sun or the sunbed which greatly reduces your chances of getting skin cancer.

Skin Ageing

The harmful UV rays emitted by Sunbeds tend to cause other issues in addition to skin cancer. These rays also cause your skin to age at a faster pace. This subsequently reduces the moisture in your skin creating wrinkles. Do you really want to speed up the skin ageing process? Surely not. Again Melanotan II eliminates this entirely simply because there is no need to expose yourself to harmful UV rays.

Eye Damage

It is not surprising that the use of sunbeds could also damage your eyes. Harmful UV rays penetrating your eyes could cause the cornea and iris to become inflamed. This is dangerous and should be avoided by all means.

Sunbed and Different Skin Types

It is essential to note that Sunbeds are only compatible with a few skin types. Some skin types are highly incompatible with Sunbeds. Under such conditions, skin could be severely damaged. Many people have been severely burned due to such incompatibility issues. Melanotan II is compatible with any skin type, so this would not be an issue.

Skin Fading

One of the most essential factors to keep in mind is that sunbeds do not always produce desired results. Your skins ability to tan may fade over the years, this is due to harmful UV rays which tend to penetrate into the skin and damage skin cells. Those who tend to use sunbeds experience a gradual fading of colour, leaving it their skin dry and dry.

Sunbed Disadvantages Conclusion

There are plenty of other disadvantages which are associated with the use of Sunbeds. Sunbeds can be harmful to your skin and can cause numerous skin related diseases. The harmful rays emitted during the tanning process degrade your skin and leaves you with a number of harmful side effects. It is time we realize that these issues can be forever avoided by using Melanotan II.

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