How Lexi and Danny Lost 136kg in 10 months

This blog post covers a couple in America who lost 136kgs after taking on a new years resolution within 10 months. We thought this story was so inspiring, that we had to share it with you.

During their documented weight loss journey, they both stumbled upon 4 essential steps that helped them succeed, which I think we all can learn from.

Here is how Lexi and Danny achieved the impossible.

*Before and after of Lexi and Danny

Step 01 Make a Weight Loss Bet with a Friend

Their journey started after making a bet with a friend. The bet was they would not eat for a WHOLE MONTH!! (as crazy as it sounds,) This bet turned out to be an essential piece of their dieting strategy. Yours doesn't have to be as drastic, but take a risk and make a bet!

Step 02 Set time for Exercise...NO EXCUSES!

By adding exercise to your calendar. Set it up like a business meeting you don't want to miss.

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Step 03 Be more Adventurous

Get out and enjoy activities with your partner like hiking, walking, bike riding or even something as simple as a walk. We have plenty to do here in South Africa. Get out and get dirty!

Step 04 Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Losing weight is hard & even harder when those you love don't support you, says Lexi. Explain to your partner how difficult this is going to be for you and try to win his/her support. There’s nothing worse than tackling a challenge alone.

The biggest takeaway from their journey is stop with the excuses. If you want to lose weight bad enough, you will make it happen. Stop putting off your diets and exercise routines until Monday. Start now!

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