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Health Tip 02: Use Healthy Oil When Cooking

I'm about to change the way you think about cooking oil, you might hate me for this :) but throw away that sunflower cooking oil. It's probably the worst oil you could possibly use for cooking your food, in fact, you want to be staying away from ANY seed oil in general. Just throw it all away!

For this Health Tip I am going to show you which oils to use for the different types of cooking methods.

Today's Health Tip? Yip that's right..

Select your Cooking Oil Wisely!

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4 Healthy Cooking Oils that will help you Trim Your Waistline:

1. Coconut Oil: Should always be your first option when cooking, the oil manages to keep its chemical structure under extreme heat.

2. Butter: Butter is also great for cooking however it burns easily under extreme heat making it great for low heat cooking.

3. Olive Oil: Yes Olive Oil may be used for cooking however it can only be used for low heat cooking. Olive oil is sensitive to high heat therefore avoid using it for frying.

*Did you know that even oils that may seem healthy at first may change its chemical composition under extreme heat? Turning your healthy oil into Unhealthy oil.

4. Animal Fat: Another great source of oil that can be used for high heat cooking. Keep in mind it is better to use all natural fed animals.

These are just Four of the most popular healthy cooking oils available today, make sure you select the right kind for the type of cooking you want to do.

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