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Clenbuterol in Detail

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I’m going to go into detail on Clen for you so that you have a full understanding of how clenbuterol works. Clen is known as the cousin to Ephedrine. Basically it’s known for that because Clen stimulates beta two receptors as a beta 2 agonist. 


How does Clen Work?

Essentially what this is meaning is, Clen allows you to burn storage fat calories, which is basically your body fat percentage, as energy before you reach other sources of fuel. It’s going directly to the fat burning that first as opposed to anything else whenever you’re working out or just in general. Clen is actually approved in certain countries in Europe, but it’s definitely banned by the FDA in United States.  


To buy clenbuterol, you need to see your local doctor and get a prescription. You will then be able to buy it at your local pharmacy. We offer an all natural product which can help give you similar results without the side effects of clenbuterol. Meet Clen-Bol. 

What is Clenbuterol Used For?

Clenbuterol is actually fed to animals to increase fat-free lean mass. The animals actually get more muscle and less fat. That’s kind of an interesting fact that people probably didn’t know. For humans, Clenbuterol is mainly used as a fat-loss drug and pretty much exclusively in cutting cycles. It’s used to clean up at the end of a cycle as well, it’s used for contest prep, basically anything where you need to drop body fat, shred up, lose weight, etc. That’s where Clen is used! You’re not going to see people using Clen used on bulking cycles. You may, but you’re generally not going to see that; it’s just not going to be something that you encounter during bulking cycles. People actually see some lean mass gains with Clen sometimes. I’ve actually seen this and heard several reports of it. As I said, Clenbuterol can increase your fat-free mass and it also can increase your basal metabolic rate. It acts as an anti-catabolic and anabolic. It’s basically a fat-loss pill that aids in muscle retention and decreases muscle loss, and it boosts aerobic capacity. In layman’s terms, when you are using Clenbuterol, the idea behind it is that your goal is to get ripped and gain lean mass at the same time. That’s exactly what people are using it for!  

Clen Side Effects

Now here’s the problem, we need to weigh the side effects that come along against Clenbuterols benefits. Clen is one of the more controversial drugs that you’re going to find out there. You’re going to see a lot of people reporting a lot of negative things with Clen. It’s hard to break down and really sift through all of the nonsense that goes back and forth with it. Here’s the breakdown of what the possible side effects are with Clenbuterol, and these are real side effects! they can definitely happen, and I’ve seen happen quite often.

Dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety, abnormal sweating, overheating, blood pressure problems, heart problems, short and longterm. The list is very scary and this is why I do not support Clenbuterol, I would much rather support ephedrine based products. I do however believe clenbuterol is very effective; it definitely does what it’s supposed to do, there’s no doubt. I am not arguing that whatsoever. Remember, I am weighing the risks and rewards; that’s where this article comes in.  

Does Clenbuterol Work?

It definitely works. I’m not saying that maybe using it once or twice is such a bad thing. It’s when people start using it longterm and staying on it, or continually using it year after year after year; you’re just causing more and more damage. It’s definitely nothing that you want to mess around with. You should always start with a low dose and ease into it.  

Clen Dosage

I would start clen dosage at 20 mcg a day, and I would never, ever exceed 200, and I even think that’s too high. The common dosing for men is between 40 and 100, and women, some women, go as low as 10 and go up to 50. There’s a lot of people that do 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off while being on clen. There’s no science that really backs this that much that I’ve come across, that I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of studies that show that the fat-free mass will increase in 6 weeks in the usage by almost 5%. The best results are going to come after 2 weeks. I don’t really agree with the 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off protocol at all. I understand that it’s about trying to be safer with it, but it’s not really effective, so it’s kind of a waste to me. Now, the problem is there’s a deregulation of the central nervous system, beta2 receptors for most people, towards the 3rd week of use. As a result, you’ll need to add antihistamines, like ketotifen or Benadryl to keep Clen working past the first 2 weeks, so that’s the issue with using Clenbuterol for longer than 2 weeks. The 2 weeks on and  2 weeks off tactic could be an option, but it’s not as nearly as effective as straight running it 6 weeks so to speak.  

Clen Half Life

The half life on Clen is 48 hours. After taking 1 dose, it’s going to be in your system right up to about 2 days. That’s another thing to keep in mind when planning your cycle while using Clenbuterol.  

Know Clen before you use it!

There’s been a lot of celebrities and athletes that have used Clen; it’s pretty prevalent. The problem that I see in a lot of people is they are going into Clen and Clen uses without fully understanding the drug, how it works, the side effects, how to dose it properly, etc. It’s just like anything else, when you begin keep dosage to a minimum and see how it works for you, slowly increase dosage until you are happy with the results. That being said keep in mind clen side effects and debate whether or not the positives outweigh the negatives, like I said, there’s a lot of debatable things, and there’s a lot of possible long-term, short-term damage that you should be concerned about.  

Clen Conclusion

The best I can say is do the best you can do to protect yourself as much as possible if your real intent is using it. Hopefully I summed up everything for everyone and answered any questions that you might have on Clen usage. You understand the side effects, what it entails, how to use it, etc. Like I said, it’s very effective and it works. The question really lies in:

 Is the risk versus reward worth it? That’s up to you to decide!


To buy clenbuterol, you need to see your local doctor and get a prescription. You will then be able to buy it at your local pharmacy. We offer an all natural product which can help give you similar results without the side effects of clenbuterol. Meet Clen-Bol.  

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November 24, 2016

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