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Banting Diet 101 - Literally Everything you need to know about the Banting Diet

"A diet that is so satisfying and not depriving"


What is the Banting Diet?

10 Commandments of the Banting Diet

Banting Diet Food Allowed

- Green Food List

- Orange Food List

- Red Food List

7 day Banting Meal Plan

30 Banting Diet Frequently Asked Questions

Food glorious food, the delicious, aromatic smells of food that tease our senses, a reaction that is so natural, that cannot be avoided. The sight and smell of any delicious meal, makes your taste buds dance in your mouth.

■ Are you tired of trying numerous diets and you don’t seem to lose any weight?
■ Are you the sort of person who finds it difficult to keep to the goals you have set?
■ Do you feel you need to resort to starvation, in order to lose that weight?
■ Are you currently a sufferer of poor health conditions?
If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then you need to consider choosing The Banting Diet/Lifestyle. Finally, a diet that allows us to still enjoy food! Steak and chips anyone?!


What is the Banting Diet?

The Banting Diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, named after William Banting. The idea of this diet is that this way of eating makes your body shift from burning carbohydrates for energy to burning fat.

Banting is:
■ Being able to enjoy food that you used to think were causing harm to the body
■ Allowing you to eat real fats and real food and there is no need to indulge in processed foods or refined grains
■ Making healthy choices and being able to understand why you are making it
■ A diet that refuses to agree to the status quo
■ Eating foods of your choosing


10 commandments of the Banting Diet

All you need to know before you start this change to a healthy lifestyle;

1. Consume as much animal fat as possible
This is the focal point in the Banting Diet, as we used to a form of thinking that when we consume animal fats we will get more fat. In fact, that is not true. With the Banting Diet, you eat small portions of animal fat. Consuming these small amounts of fat make the body feel full and you are stopped from overindulging.

2. Consume as much vegetables as possible
Vegetables are known as the ‘bulk food’ to all Banters, this simply means veggies must be incorporated in every meal. Green veggies are the go-to-vegetables and all banters know that eating a variety of these veggies is the best for the body.

3. Snacking is a big No-No
Snacking is a form of cheating and especially when on the first week of Banting try not to snack. Its hard not to snack so try to keep a Banting-friendly snack on hand. The quick fix solution to stop snacking and beating down those hunger pangs is just increase the amount of animal fat.

4. Never lie to yourself
Consuming carbohydrates that are professed to be proteins like peanuts, baked beans and legumes will weaken all your Banting attempts. Refer to the Banting Diet red list on foods that should not be consumed as a Banter.

5. Never over-eat/never under-eat
Beginner Banters have a habit of to getting anxious about the idea of not snacking and tend to overindulge themselves at mealtimes. But don’t be too concerned as your body will adapt and if there is enough fat in your diet, your body will soon adapt and you will be consuming moderately sized meals. When you are full, it is your bodies way of telling you to stop eating, and if you don’t feel like having lunch, no harm in skipping lunch.

6. Try not to consume too much protein
Only 80 to 90 g of meat or fish a Banter should be consuming with every meal. The Banting diet is a high fat, low carb diet not a high protein diet. The main importance of the Banting Diet is to cut of the carbohydrates from your diet and to increase the fat consumption in your diet. The protein consumption should be drastically reduced in your diet.

7. Always be alert
Always be on the lookout when it comes to ready made meals or processed foods as theses food always contain carbohydrates. Also, evade foods that confess they are low in fat, as these foods may be low in fat but high carbohydrates to compensate for the loss of flavor in the low-fat meal. When you begin to be more alert and become more well informed about the ins and outs of the Banting diet you will notice product labels and you will become aware to the fact why in the past it has been hard for so many individuals to lose weight.

8. Avoid consuming too many fruits and nuts
Fruits contain natural fructose, and it is apparent to many individuals that fructose is a form of good sugars, but as a banter there is no good sugars. The consumption of sugar intake in the body must be strictly controlled. Nuts is low in carbohydrates and on the banters Green food group of foods that can be consumed, but nuts as well should be eaten in moderation. The main reason for this is that nuts can cause weight gain in some individuals. Raw nuts are the best to eat.

9. Control the amount of dairy you consume
Dairy does contain carbohydrates, and yes, it is very good for the body but also should be strictly controlled. Use whole milk and double cream instead of using low-fat and use cream in coffee instead of processed milk. Consume small amounts of cheese and butter is very good to eat.

10. Remain strong
This can make or break any Banter, as it is a hard process but that is very beneficial in the long run. Equipping the mind and body to be strong is a hard task as not many are very strong willed, and tend to give up. But there are ways to motivate the mind and body in forms of learning more about being self-conscious and protecting one’s health and welling, our body is a vessel and our organs need to well-nourished to keep the vessel operating. A balanced a well-nourished mind helps in a balanced lifestyle and a balanced lifestyle leads to a flourishing individual.


Banting Diet Food Allowed?

Similar to that of driving your car and when you come to a robot, when it is green you can proceed forth and go to your desired destination, when it changes to orange you know you need to take caution and drive slowly and when it is red we know we must stop dead in our tracks.

The Banting diet food list is similar to the robots we confront in our daily lives. Also, take note that the pathway to a good lifestyle has many obstacles, and to overcome them all you need is focus and self-control. So, with that being said, lets continue with the Banters food list.

As a Banter, there are three important lists that must be followed, The Green List, The Orange List and The Red List


The Banting Green List

A low carb list of foods that can be consumed routinely and following the list will ensure that you will cut down on the carbs you consume and in turn help you to lose weight faster and lead a healthy lifestyle.

All flavourings and condiments are okay to consume on the banting green list if they do not contain preservatives and sugars nor vegetable oils.

■ Animal protein: 
Natural cured meats

■ Vegetables:
Artichoke hearts
Spring onions

■ Dairy:
Cottage cheese
Cream cheese
Full-cream Greek yoghurt
Full-cream milk
Hard cheeses
Soft cheeses

■ Fats:
Any rendered animal fat
Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Duck fat
Macadamia oil
Mayonnaise, full fat only
Olive oil
Nuts and seeds
Macadamia nuts
Pecan nuts
Pine nuts
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Erythritol granules
Stevia powder
Xylitol granules

■ Flavorings and condiments
All flavourings and condiments are okay, provided they do not contain sugars and preservatives or vegetable oils.


The Banting Orange List

Food on the Banting orange list contain between 6 grams to 25 grams of carbs per 100 grams. Food in the food list need to be eaten with caution and it has been made easy to use this food list as the correct amount of food that should be consumed is stated. And take note to follow the key to help you understand the terms.

C = cups per day
T = tablespoons per day
t = teaspoons per day
g = grams per day

■ Fruits:
Apples 1
Bananas 1
Blackberries 3 ¼ C
Blueberries ½ C
Cherries 1 C
Clementine’s 3
Figs 3
Gooseberries ½ C
Grapes (green) under 1 C
Guavas 2
Kiwi fruits 3
Litchis 18
Mangos, sliced, under 1 C
Nectarines 2
Oranges 2
Pawpaw 1
Peaches 2
Pears 1
Pineapple, sliced, 1 C
Plums 4
Pomegranate ½
Prickly pears 4
Quinces 2
Raspberries 2 C
Strawberries 25
Watermelon 2 C
Cashews, raw, 6 T
Chestnuts, raw, 1 C
Honey 1 t
Butternut ½ C
Carrots 5
Sweet potato ½ C


The Banting Red List

The Banting red list will contain all the foods to evade as they will be either toxic or high-carbohydrate foods. It is strongly advised that you avoid all the items on this list.

■ Baked goods:
All flours from grains, wheat flour, cornflour, rye flour, barley flour, pea flour, rice flour
All forms of bread
All grains - wheat, oats, barley, rye
Breaded or battered foods
Breakfast cereals, muesli, granola of any kind
Cakes, biscuits, confectionary
Corn products - popcorn, polenta, corn thins, maize
Crackers, cracker breads
Pastas, noodles
Rice cakes

■ Thickening agents such as gravy powder, maize starch or stock cubes

■ Beverages:
Beer, cider
Fizzy drinks of any description other than carbonated water
Diet drinks of any description

■ Dairy / dairy-related:
Cheese spreads, commercial spreads
Coffee creamers
Commercial almond milk
Condensed milk
Fat-free anything
Ice cream
Reduced-fat cow’s milk
Rice milk
Soy milk

■ Fats:
All seed oils, sunflower, canola, grapeseed, cottonseed, corn
Commercial sauces, marinades and salad dressings
Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils including margarine, vegetable oils, vegetable fats

■ Fruits and vegetables:
Fruit juice of any kind
Vegetable juices

■ General:
All fast food
All processed food
Any food with added sugar such as glucose, dextrose

■ Meat:
All unfermented soya
Meats cured with excessive sugar
Vienna sausages, luncheon meats

■ Starchy vegetables:

■ Sweeteners:
Agave anything
Artificial sweeteners
Dried fruit
Sugared or commercially pickled foods with sugar
Syrups of any kind


7 Day Banting Meal Plan


■ 2 eggs (fried)
■ Few rashers of bacon or pork sausage
■ Tomato

■ Large salad with steak or chicken and cottage cheese

■ Apple slices with almond butter

■ Pork with steamed spinach and pumpkin and a small tub of Greek yoghurt


■ Omelette with bacon, cheese, rocket and tomato
■ Sautéed vegetables

■ Small can of tuna

■ Greek salad with olive oil
■ Broccoli or cauliflower with cream cheese
■ Steak


■ Eggs and bacon
■ Coconut milk smoothie

■ Green leafy salad
■ Chicken breast

■ Yoghurt

■ Roast chicken
■ Pumpkin with butter
■ Baby marrow with cheese sprinkled on top


■ Scrambled eggs in butter
■ Few rashers bacon
■ Mushrooms, onions, tomato and pepper friend in bacon fat

■ Biltong salad with full cream yoghurt

■ Hard boiled eggs
■ Dinner
■ Fish and some prawns
■ Spinach and pumpkin and a Greek salad


■ Banana pancakes
■ Coconut smoothie

■ Vegetable soup

■ Biltong

■ Beef or chicken
■ Stir fried vegetables in olive oil


■ Yoghurt and berries smoothie

■ Egg and sweet potato hash browns

■ Mixed raw nuts

■ Hake friend in butter and lemon juice
■ Spinach with butter and garlic
■ Grilled pumpkin


■ Eggs
■ Bacon
■ Mushrooms fried in olive oil

■ ¼ chicken
■ Cucumber and tomato slices

■ Avocado


■ Steak
■Roasted butternut
■ Spinach


Top 30 Banting Diet Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you drink alcohol when on the Banting Diet diet?

Yes, why not, you can consume moderate amounts of alcohol. But avoid drinking beer and sweet drinks. Non-sweetened drinks and wine gets the green light.

2. Can you get gallstones when on the Banting diet?

The answer is no, but if you already have gallstones you will experience some short-term distress. But foods that are low in fat give you long term distress.

3. Are saturated fats dangerous?

No, it is an old theory, which led us to believe that fats are bad for us, thanks to the bright sparks that tested this theory we have shed some light on the topic and proven that fats are indeed good for us.

4. Can you get cancer by eating red meat?

No, as unprocessed meat is the healthier choice. Try to avoid replacing meat with processed carbs as this is the worst decision you can make for your health.

5. Is salt dangerous to one’s health?

No, if consumed in moderate amounts

6. Is the Banting Diet for everyone?

Yes, Banting offers so many health benefits, cholesterol levels are balanced, good healthy heart, a balanced weight and it also helps to repair any damage caused through inflammation.

7. Who are the individuals that should be on the Banting Diet?

Individual that suffer from one or all of the metabolic syndrome such as, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, overweight or obese and Hypertension.

8. What is the first step to the Banting Diet?

This is simple all you need to do is read up and gather as much information as possible and then decide if you really want to venture forth on this form of lifestyle. Then clear out your cupboards and stock up on the items on the green list.

9. Are there meal plans to follow?

There are many meal plans to follow as it is all well-structured to help fellow Banters get the best out of the diet and to achieve their goals.

10. Is it important to count calories and carbs while banting?

There is no ned to count calories, if you follow the green listed items you will be A-Okay. Carbs on the other hand should be monitored. All you ned to do is to take away all the dietary fibre from the carbs you eat and you will be sorted.

11. Which foods are best suited to eat when Banting?

There are many Banting recipes that are filled with delicious easy to prepare meals. There recipes are all well planned to cater to any Banters taste-buds and they all wholesome and delicious, it is one way to take control of the food you want to eat.

12. Which foods should I keep away from?

All food that are listed on the Red List, these foods are the high-carbohydrate foods. Stay away from refined sugars, processed foods, low-fat foods and any food that is rich in carbs.

13. Can I drink coffee and tea while Banting?

Yes, you can as long as you have full cream milk and try to stay away from sugars and sweeteners. But on the bright side you can opt for the Banting Hot-chocolate or the Bulletproof Coffee that is considered for all Banters who love drinking their coffee.

14. Should one exercise while banting?

Yes, for sure. As there are so many added benefits that come when you exercise and it helps in your weight loss.

15. Should I weigh myself?

Yes, as this is a method of checking on your weight loss. If you find out the you are not losing much weight quickly than expected, then all you need to do is cut down on your dairy intake or just skip dairy for a week.

16. Is there a right way to measure one’s waistline?

There is no right or wrong way, but here is some guideline that may help to measure your waistline correctly.
You need to stand feet apart, about 20 cm space between feet.
When using a tape, measure use it on your skin and not on clothing.
Control breathing and breathe normal.
Don’t hold the tape too tight along the waistline.
Situate the tape measure halfway between your lowest rib and the top of your hip bone, use your belly button as a guideline.

17. What should I do if I do not see results in my weight loss?

Not seeing any results can be very exasperating to most individuals but if it does happen remember we are all not the same and our bodies are different. It all depends on our metabolic system in our bodies. If you do experience no weight loss cut of dairy for a good few weeks.

18. Can children go on the Banting Diet?

Yes, as it is a healthy form of lifestyle and if your child is obese that means that your child is resistant to insulin. If you have an obsess child, then Banting will definitely be beneficial to your child.

19. Does the Banting Diet come with side effects?

Yes, but it is short term side effects. this You may feel dizzy, experience some abdominal cramps, muscle pain, shivers and sweats in the first week. But as your body adjusts you will get back to your normal improved self.

20. How can I maintain my weight when I have achieved weight loss?

Maintain your carbs and make sure you keep your carb intake to 50 grams, this will guarantee the maintenance of your perfect weight. As you continue to lose weight on 50 grams of carbs, then you can increase your number of carbs you consume to a point that you can stabilise your weight loss. This is a trial and error process, so don’t lose hope, once you get in sync with you mind and body the journey to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle will be easy-peasy.

21. What is Ketosis in Banting?

Ketosis is a state at which the body has a tremendously high fat-burning rate. Our brain also runs on fat, through ketone bodies. These are energy molecules in the blood which then becomes fuel for our brains after being transformed from fat by the liver. To boost ketone production, the overall amount of insulin in your blood must be low. When your insulin is low, then your ketone production will be high. When you have adequately large number of ketones in your blood, this is fundamentally proof that your insulin is very low. You now will enjoy the exciting outcome of your low-carbohydrate diet. This outcome is called optimal ketosis.

22. How do I stay in ketosis?

You can stay in ketosis if you stick to eating those ingredients on the green list.

23. And how much of food can be eaten from the orange list?

Food from the orange list can be eaten but in much moderation, there is an easy method to understand how much food can be consumed, look at the key measures below to get a better understanding.

C-----cups per day
T-----tablespoon per day
t------teaspoon per day
g------grams per day
ml----millilitres per day

24. Foods that are not on the food group list can it be eaten?

If food is not in the list of food that can be eaten all you need to do is check how many carbs are in that food before consuming it. Just subtract the amount of dietary fibre to get the correct carbohydrate content. If foods are in the 0-5 grams/100 grams of carbs then you can eat those foods as the considered to be on the green list of foods. If foods are between 6 grams and 25 grams per 100 grams it will fall in the orange food list and you need to be advised to take much caution when eating. Anything above 25 grams is a red light, it falls under the red list of foods and that you should not consume.

25. Is the Banting Diet effective for weight loss?

By ingesting low carbs, you are to control your blood glucose and insulin levels which helps burn fat. Reducing your carb intake suggestively helps you to regulate your cravings for sweets and starchy foods. The only way to achieve this is by consuming a low carb diet. The diet works very successfully for weight loss, because it allows you to logically and effortlessly decrease the amount of food that you eat. And the result is achieving a healthy body and lifestyle.

26. Does everyone need to cut down carbs?

No, as carbs are not bad for every individual, as there are people who metabolise carbs effortlessly and they can afford to consume carbs without gaining weight.
People who are obese and overweight, should not consume carbs as the reason for them being overweight is due to being carbohydrate intolerant. Overweight people will benefit from reducing their carbohydrate intake to a point where they can maintain a healthy and balanced weight.

27. Is it ok to eat fat?

Yes, yes and yes as science verifies that saturated fat does not cause heart disease. There is lots of substantial evidence that proves this. Consume butter as it is very good for you, only abstain from consuming trans fats and seed oils which causes inflammation in your body due to the high Omega 6 content.

28. What foods are allowed when Banting?

When you begin banting, you will be advised on the food you can eat and cannot eat, that’s where the food list falls in. but here are the foods that can be consumed. Protein that is all meat, fish, eggs, pork, lamb, beef, poultry and organ meats Carbs in the form of non-starchy vegetables and nuts, full-fat dairy products such as Greek yoghurt and cheese as well as berries. Fats such as coconut oil, butter, olive oil, lard, cream and the fat on meat.

29. Is the Banting diet a “lifestyle” or diet?

Banting is both a lifestyle and diet. It is you making a choice to change and you incorporated the Banting way of life (lifestyle) and choosing to eat healthy (diet plan).

30. How much fat should a Banter consume?

You should not eat very large amounts of fat, but reasonable amounts. Eat just a sufficient quantity of fat to make your food taste good and to keep you feeling satisfied between meals.

There you have it. Literally everything under the sun that there is to know about the banting diet summed up in a single page!

We all need to take care of our health if we intend to live a long life. A nutritious and well balanced diet with a mixture of physical activity is a substance of good health. The foundation of a good health helps one to control their weight, helps prevent diseases and just lead a lifestyle that is healthy and productive.

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